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Loud Black Girls: 20 Black Women Writers Ask: What’s Next? (Slay in Your Lane)

Temi's essay, Building Peace: The Case for Centring Healing in our Approach to Address Violence, provides a detailed exploration of the impacts of violence, grief and bereavement on young people, arguing that frequent exposure results in a state of perpetual community trauma which we have yet to fully acknowledge, let alone address.


Forensic Architecture Reports #1: The Police Shooting of Mark Duggan, ICA and Cabinet Books

Featuring a transcript of a roundtable with activists Temi Mwale and Stafford Scott, scholar Adam Elliott-Cooper, and attorney Marcia  Willis Stewart on the complex colonial and legal histories that have shaped the policing of Black Britons in the postwar era.


Being Matrixed – The (Over)policing of gang suspects in London

It is clear from the report that the level and impact of police and wider state intrusion into the lives of people on the Metropolitan Police Service Gangs Violence Matrix cannot be underestimated. This report shows that the Gangs Matrix predominantly and disproportionately infringes on the rights and civil liberties of young black men. Temi supported the research project by conducting several in-depth qualitative interviews with Londoners aged between 17 and 32 who are on the Gangs Matrix.


Calls for more heavy-handed policing show that we’d rather demonise young victims of violence than help them

Although young black boys are disproportionately the victims of this violence, crime remains the only lens through which society is willing to view them. [via The Independent]


After another violent murder in London, this is what needs to be done

The youth murder rate in the capital is rising alarmingly. A public health approach with a community-based strategy needs to be put in place. [via The Guaridan]


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